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Art of Mind

The art of understanding and experiencing the mind's capacity and intricacies, from many perspectives and viewpoints and learning from the art that it brings into form.

Art Meditation

Art meditation is the practical application of considering the art of mind and from mind through a combination of meditation, mindfulness, creative visualisation and visual art expression.

This application accesses and develops;
deepened knowledge of the mind and the self, awareness of unconscious and conscious mind, cultivates self knowledge and encourages creativity to unfold.
Many practical benefits can be realised, creative and productive living, increased confidence, a more focussed intellect with clearer mental capacity and an increased sense of well being. In addition to these benefits there can be a clearer idea of direction and purpose in one's life and improved relationships of all kinds. The most important being the relationship with oneself.

Art meditation is suitable for individual one to one sessions and groupwork for personal development. It is adaptable and applicable for continuing professional developmnet (CPD) and has proven very succesfull and beneficial with organisations, education establishments, conferences and within the corporate sphere.

Art Psychotherapy

Art psychotherapy is a psycholgical therapy set within a psychodynamic framework. The creation of the visual image assists in accessing the unconscious and reveals subconscious material and patterning. This may shed light on difficult or confusing emotions and behaviours in the present and thus attempts to bring about positive change for the participant.

This clinical practice is suitable for individauls and groups, the settings can be within private practice, a variety of medical settings, educational settings and organisations.

Areas for support are many and may include;
mental health issues
physical health concerns
stress related difficlutlies
relationship difficulties
lack of direction and/or purpose
grief and loss issues
sexual and physical abuse
drug and alcohol addiction

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is compulsory for anyone who is registered and working as a counsellor or psychotherapist this includes arts therapists. It ensures good practice and a duty of care for the supervisee/therapist and client/patient alike. Supervision provides support for the supervisee/therapist and is aslo educational. The educational aspect is essential in bringing further understanding of the therapy and the client. This is achieved through the supervisor and supervisee considering the content of the therapy session itself and through discussion of relevant theory and research.

Supervision may be on an individual basis or in a group setting.
It may be undertaken within an organisation or on an external basis.


Consultation is available on an external basis and offers support and insight. This is from a psychodynamic perspective.

Meditation and Mindfulness

individual, groups, workshops, CPD....


Reiki is a gentle and simple technique, yet is a powerful healing art which activates the Universal Life Energy for the purpose of healing body mind and spirit.

The method I work with is the Usui Shiki Ryoho method. This method is completely safe, supportive and deeply relaxing. The Universal Life Energy is channelled through the practitioner's hands and into the recipient. It is a very natural and holistic way to redress the energetic balance in body, mind and spirit and promote a happier and healthier life. Reiki and the release of tension, anxiety and stress, experienced during the treatment activates and accelerates the body's own natural healing capacity. It also opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and pain.

Reiki energy releases blocked energies and cleanses the whole body, mind, spirit and energetic system. A wonderful sense of connectedness is experienced by the recipient as harmony and balance in body mind and spirit is restored.

A typical healing session with me will contain a consultation to discuss your state of well being followed by the Reiki tretment. You may lie down on a treatment couch or remain seated if preferred, you will remain fully clothed and receive a hands on non-invasive flow of healing energy. After the treatment a further discussion about any insights and sensations that may have been gained or produced.

One session may be sufficient to redress the balance of energy, clear and ease the mind or activate the body to heal itself. However sometimes further sessions are required, this depending on the nature of imbalance or the difficulties being experienced.

Reiki treatment can be very successful for a wide range of imbalance or physical/mental discomfort; from short term stress related discomfort to longer term anxiety or depression to drug addiction or abuse.

Whatever your concern - Reiki can result in an improved mental outlook and perception, with difficlities reframed and a fresh perspective found. Furthermore this healing art results in improved emotional health and a general sense of well-being .

Reiki Initiation and Teaching

Reiki continues to be taught by Reiki Masters. This follows the ancient oriental tradition of passing on knowledge orally and through direct transmission of energy from teacher to student - called initiation or attunement. A reiki master will initiate and teach students in the first, second and third or masters degree. The masters degree requires a high level of commitment and responsibility to the self and others.

Treatments and Attunements

Treatment sessions - suitable for individuals.
Cost: between £30.00 - £35.00 per session, concessions available
Attunements - suitable for individual or small groups.
Cost: Variable according to numbers and setting.

Yoga - Relaxation - Breathwork

In addition to running my regular weekly yoga classes I also;

Organise day events and workshops
Offer private tuition
Put together corporate packages
Run CPD (continuing professional development)for a range of organisations and educational establishments.

Any of the above can be tailored to suit specific needs and aims. The following are some of the areas in which specific yoga tailoring can help;
stress management, health issues, team building, confidence building, boosting energy levels, the development of mental agility and focus, alleviation of panic attacks, anxiety and depression and asthma and respiratory problems.
In an initital consultation will ascertain these needs and an appropriate and integrated programme will be drawn up.

Private Tuition allows for a very personalised home practice to be established one that will be goal and needs specific. This wil be preferrably over 2-3 sessions.

The combination of yoga postures, breath awareness, deep relaxation and creative visualisation - generates optimum brain functioning, steadies the emotions and lifts the spirits.

Cost: Private Tuition between £35.00 - £40.00 per session
Cost: Workshops, Groupwork, Corporate Packages and CPD - variable according to numbers, venue and duration.

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